Greenwood Pet Camp


Individualized one-on-one playtimes are available.  Tailored to your pet's special needs and pleasures, we feature activities like catch & fetch, sniff & stroll, cuddles, splashtime, arts & crafts and storytime.

For safety, we do not co-mingle dogs that are strangers to each other.  Playtimes are individual unless dogs are from the same family or are friendly neighbors accustomed to playing together.

All dogs have opportunity for safe social interaction with others throughout the day by exercising in adjacent fenced areas.  Using this approach, dogs may get acquainted and "chat" without danger of a tussle or bullying, which could result in an injury.


Dogs are generally housed in indoor-outdoor patio runs, which include a bed with a quilt or fleece pad and a private outdoor patio.  We also have quiet indoor spaces for dogs of all sizes, with a special room just for small dogs.  All dogs have regular exercise & potty time 3-4 times daily in spacious, outdoor security-fenced playgrounds.

Cats are housed in indoor, tri-level kitty condos in a quiet, separate area reserved just for them.

Our Services

Home alone?  No way!  Come to Pet Camp to STAY & PLAY! 


For your pet's health and safety, please provide proof of these required current vaccinations from your veterinarian:

  • Dogs   Rabies, DHLPP & Bordetella  (Canine Influenza is recommended)
  • Cats    Rabies & FVRCP  (Leukemia is recommended)

Daily Rates & A la Carte Fees

Daily rates are based on size and type of pet.  Check-out time is 1:00 pm.    Rates are "per pet, per day" and include your pet's loving care, monitoring and supervision, feeding, and daily exercise.

  • Small Dog (under 25 lbs)        $16         Cats (all sizes)             $14
  • Medium Dog (25 - 49 lbs)         18
  • Large Dog (50 - 74 lbs)              20
  • XL Dog (75 - 99 lbs)                    22
  • Jumbo Dog (100+ lbs)                24

An additional a la carte charge of $2-5 applies for playtimes, cuddles, special care (incontinent, diabetic, etc) and diet from home or medication which you provide.  Pampered Pet Spa Grooms & Basic Baths are also available;  prices vary with size & haircoat.